A Response to Mark McCall’s “Is The Episcopal Church Hierarchical?” September 18, 2008. The Anglican Communion Institute has posted a paper by attorney Mark McCall that makes legal and historical arguments for The Episcopal Church as a confederation of independent—and therefore potentially separable—dioceses. Historian Joan Gundersen responds, suggesting that McCall’s scholarship is wanting. Anyone who takes McCall’s essay seriously should read Gundersen’s reply.
Realignment: The Unvarnished Truth May 19, 2008. The Rev. Harold T. Lewis, rector of Calvary Church, responds to the diocese’s Q&A on realignment. Be sure also the see PEP’s response to this same document, which is described here.
Conventional Wisdom September 30, 2007. The Rev. Harold T. Lewis, rector of Calvary Church, gives his analysis of the upcoming diocesan convention.
Undermining the Episcopal Church September 15, 2007. The Rev. Thomas B. Woodward wrote this four-part essay for The Episcopal Majority. Woodward has done a fine job of characterizing the current threat to The Episcopal Church.
A Response to the Proposed Amendments to the Diocesan Constitution and Canons September 14, 2007. The Diocese of Pittsburgh has revealed an audacious plan to leave The Episcopal Church and take all its property with it. President Joan Gundersen, who was present for the unveiling of this incredible plan, comments on it.
Q&A Handout Helps Explain Conflict August 25, 2007. Church of the Redeemer offers a 6-page list of questions and answers intended to demystify Episcopal Church and Anglican Communion conflicts.
“Rewriting History” Traces Communion Power Struggle August 2, 2007. Savitri Hensman, a leader in both the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement and Inclusive Church in the U.K. has written “Rewriting History: Scapegoating The Episcopal Church,” an 82-page report tracing struggles within the Anglican Communion.
Why Others Stand as Well July 3, 2007. Tobias Haller BSG responds to a widely circulated justification for the ongoing rebellion against The Episcopal Church.
Editorial: A Time for Talking June 24, 2007. PEP welcomes a frank discussion about the future of the Diocese of Pittsburgh and invites Pittsburgh Episcopalians to commit to staying in TEC.

More Thoughts on Provinces in The Episcopal Church

November 15, 2006. Lionel Deimel revisits the issues around Pittsburgh’s “withdrawal” from Province III, updating his earlier PEP report “An Appraisal of the Diocese of Pittsburgh’s Withdrawal of Consent to Inclusion in Province III” and responding to Pittsburgh’s chancellor, Robert Devlin.

“Saving Anglicanism” Explores History and Futures of Church & Communion

May 31, 2006. Lionel Deimel issues a 15-page essay, “Saving Anglicanism: An Historical Perspective on Decisions Facing the 75th General Convention of the Episcopal Church.”

PEP Issues Guide to General Convention 2006 Resolutions

May 23, 2006. PEP Issues a 17-page essay, “What Should General Convention 2006 Do?: Commentary on the Resolutions Proposed by the Special Commission of the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion,” by Lionel Deimel. 

Rebuff this Mad, Bad Clique With a Bullying Version of the Gospel

November 19, 2005. The Nigerian-led effort to unseat the Archbishop of Canterbury over gay sex is part of a drive to outbid fundamentalist Islam. So says Dr. Giles Fraser in an essay for the Guardian.

PEP Response to Events in Nottingham

June 22, 2005. Progressive Episcopalians of Pittsburgh is concerned about events unfolding at the Anglican Consultative Council (ACC) meeting in Nottingham.

The Center Still Holds

January 30, 2005. Joan R. Gundersen, PEP Vice President for Policy, takes a step back and comments upon the status of the Episcopal Church and the relationship between Episcopalians and their church.

”Alea Jacta Est”

November 14, 2004. The Rev. Dr. Harold T. Lewis, rector of Calvary Church, comments on the 139th convention of the Diocese of Pittsburgh. This essay first appeared in Agape, the Calvary Church newsletter, and appears here by permission.

Property Constraints

September 5, 2004. An essay on property issues in the Episcopal Church, written by PEP President Lionel Deimel for The Living Church and published in the September 5, 2004 issue.




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