Communications are critical to the mission of Progressive Episcopalians of Pittsburgh. PEP friends and members need to communicate with one another to share information about developments within The Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion. Likewise, we need to exchange information about mission and about actions undertaken by PEP on behalf of our church. PEP is also very active in educating Episcopalians and the general public, whether in Pittsburgh or elsewhere, about The Episcopal Church.

This Web site, of course, is a key resource for both internal and external communications. Our busiest communication channel, however, is PEPchat, an Internet e-mail list hosted by Yahoo! Groups. PEPchat hosts an ongoing dialogue about our church, though many of its subscribers sign up primarily to be kept informed of relevant news stories, editorials, and other materials as they appear. PEP also publishes a newsletter, PEPtalk, designed for both members and non-members in the Diocese of Pittsburgh. All issues of PEPtalk are available on-line in PDF format. Finally, press releases are an important mechanism for external communication. All PEP press releases and some letters are available on our Web site.


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