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Progressive Episcopalians of Pittsburgh
A Member of the Via Media USA Alliance

Progressive Episcopalians of Pittsburgh (PEP) is an association of Episcopal clergy and laity dedicated to maintaining the health and unity of The Episcopal Church, including the Diocese of Pittsburgh, as a theologically diverse expression of Anglicanism in America. PEP is a founding member of Via Media USA, an alliance of similar groups based in various Episcopal dioceses that carry out programs of education and reconciliation.

If you support The Episcopal Church and want the Diocese of Pittsburgh to be a fully participating diocese within it, we invite you to become a member by filling out and returning a membership form. Support for The Episcopal Church is especially important in this diocese now.

PEP has two classes of membership, Active and Affiliate. Active members must have some connection to the Diocese of Pittsburgh, usually living in or working in the diocese. Active members must also make at least a token dues contribution. (The minimum contribution is $1; $15 is suggested; more is always welcome.) Affiliate members have no current connection to the diocese or pay no dues. (Typically, affiliate members are former Pittsburghers or simply Episcopalians who want to support The Episcopal Church in a diocese where it is threatened.) All members receive the PEP newsletter PEPtalk. Active members may vote in PEP elections.

Of course, you may also contribute to PEP without becoming a member. PEP is a tax-exempt public charity under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


Click here to download a membership form. You can fill out this PDF form on-line immediately and e-mail it to us directly (via the “Submit by Email” button at the top right of the form). If you prefer, you can save the form and fill it out later on your computer or by hand after printing it. Mail or e-mail your completed form to us at the appropriate address below.

If you want to make a contribution without actually joining PEP, or if you would prefer to pay dues on-line after you have sent in your membership form, rather than sending a check, click on the Donate button below.


You need a recent version of Adobe Reader to view and fill out our membership form. Click on the icon at the bottom of this page on the right to download a free copy of Adobe Reader


Return your completed membership form to:
Membership Chair
Progressive Episcopalians of Pittsburgh
2366 Golden Mile Highway, Box 204
Pittsburgh, PA 15239

You may e-mail it to:



Progressive Episcopalians of Pittsburgh
2366 Golden Mile Highway, Box 204
Pittsburgh, PA 15239

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