PEP Seeks to Strengthen Diocese through Donations March 15, 2013. PEP has issued a press release publicizing donations to the Resource Center and to new or restarting parishes.
PEP Donates Flag to Re-starting Church August 9, 2011. PEP donates Episcopal Church flag to restored St. James Episcopal Church in Penn Hills.
Time to Renew August 9, 2011. It’s time to renew PEP membership or to join PEP.
Annual Picnic Slated for August 15 August 9, 2011. The annual PEP picnic is being held August 15, 2011.
PEP Adopts Integrity as February Meeting February 15, 2011. In lieu of a February PEP meeting, the PEP board invites member to attend a meeting of Integrity.
PEP Has New Mailing Address February 14, 2011. PEP now has a new mailing address.
‘Keeping in Touch’ Theme of September Membership Meeting September 21, 2010. Membership meeting on September 26 will consider our ties to provinces in impaired or broken communion with the Episcopal Church..
August 16 Set for Annual Picnic July 31, 2010. The annual PEP picnic will be held on Monday, August 16, 2010, beginning at 6 PM.
“A Conversation with Bishop Price” to be Held at Redeemer May 17 May 11, 2010. The May 17, 2010 PEP membership will feature “A Conversation with Bishop Price.”
Gay Jennings to Speak at PEP Event February 8, 2010. The Rev. Gay C. Jennings will speak at a PEP event on February 13, 2010. A pot luck supper will be enjoyed before Jennings’ talk.
Time to Renew PEP Membership September 15, 2009. PEP memberships expire on August 31. It is time to renew if you have not already done so.
September 20, 2009, Membership Meeting September 15, 2009. Information about upcoming meeting. Note date change.
Is there still a need for PEP? August 11, 2009. Membership letter from PEP president Joan Gundersen.
Via Media USA Unveils New Web Site June 20, 2009. Dates of PEP membership meetings are now on-line.
PEP Meeting Schedule Now On-line April 9, 2009. Dates of PEP membership meetings are now on-line.
Handouts Available on St. James the Less Case December 12, 2008. Two handouts are now available on the St. James the Less case, which involved a parish in Philadelphia that tried to leave The Episcopal Church with the parish property.
Diocese Offers Advice to Loyal Episcopalians October 14, 2008. The Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh is providing advice to all Episcopalians in the diocese who intend to stay in The Episcopal Church.
Non-realigning Episcopalians Recognized as Episcopal Diocese of Episcopal Church October 10, 2008. The Presiding Bishop has acknowledged a new three-member Standing Committee as the ecclesiastical authority of the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh.
Diocesan Convention Approves ‘Realignment’ October 4, 2008. The 2008 annual convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh votes to leave The Episcopal Church.
PEP Posts 2008 Convention Page September 29, 2008. PEP has posted its 2008 convention page.
House of Bishops Consents to Deposition of Bishop Duncan September 18, 2008. The House of Bishops voted to consent to the deposition of Bishop Robert Duncan for abandonment of the communion of The Episcopal Church.
Gundersen Disputes McCall Analysis of Episcopal Church Hierarchy September 18, 2008. Church historian Dr. Joan Gundersen has written a paper “A Response to Mark Mc Call’s ‘Is The Episcopal Church Hierarchical?’” in response to a paper published on the Anglican Communion Institute Web site.
Across the Aisle Plans for Reorganized Diocese September 12, 2008. A new group, Across the Aisle, is planning to maintain the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh in spite of whatever happens at the October 4, 2008, diocesan convention.
PEPtalk Puts “Realignment” in Perspective September 12, 2008. The latest issue of PEP’s newsletter puts the coming “realignment” decision of diocesan convention in perspective.
New PEP Document Offers Very Different Answers to Questions in Diocese’s FAQ May 19, 2008. PEP announces a new publication about realignment, “Realignment Reconsidered,” which provides alternative answers to those of the Diocese of Pittsburgh.
PEP Newsletter Covers Recent Events and Possible Future Ones January 29, 2008. The just-published February issue of PEPtalk, PEP’s newsletter, covers the recent dramatic events in both San Joaquin and Pittsburgh, where the struggle between The Episcopal Church and bishops bent on “realignment” is heating up.
Review Committee Action
Provides Opportunity for Reconciliation
January 16, 2008. PEP press release suggests that committee action regarding Bishop Duncan provides an opportunity for the diocese to reconsider its direction.
Committee: Bishop Duncan Has Abandoned Communion of Church January 16, 2008. The Title IV Review Committee has certified that Pittsburgh’s Bishop Robert Duncan has abandoned the communion of The Episcopal Church.
PEP Contributions Tax-exempt January 13, 2008. The IRS has informed PEP that it is tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. People can now join and contribute to PEP on-line.
PEP Offers Help to Deputies and Other Leaders October 26, 2007. As it has done for the past several years, PEP offers briefing papers on issues to be discussed at the upcoming annual convention, as well as a briefing at St. Andrew’s Highland Park, on October 28.
A Response to the Proposed Amendments to the Diocesan Constitution and Canons September 14, 2007. President Gundersen comments on the audacious plan of the Diocese of Pittsburgh to leave The Episcopal Church and take all its property with it.
Parish “Resources” Offered by New Sites August 25, 2007. New Web sites Parish Toolbox and A Pittsburgh Episcopal Voice offer resources to parishes contemplating the future of the diocese.
Q&A Handout Helps Explain Conflict August 25, 2007. A new 6-page document from Church of the Redeemer helps demystify Episcopal Church and Anglican Communion conflicts.
“Rewriting History” Traces Communion Power Struggle August 2, 2007. “Rewriting History: Scapegoating The Episcopal Church,” an 82-page report by Savitri Hensman, traces recent conflicts within the Anglican Communion.
4th Annual PEP Picnic July 31, 2007. The fourth annual PEP picnic will be held at an Aspinwall park on Monday, August 6. Plan to come and bring a friend.
PEPtalk Provides Essential Reading at Critical Moment in Diocese’s History June 24, 2007. Summary of stories in June 2007 PEPtalk.
Diocese Asks: What Next? June 24, 2007. Leaders face the question of the future of the Diocese of Pittsburgh and call for district meetings to discuss it.
Legal Update: Calvary Suit Status June 24, 2007. Ken Stiles reviews the origin and status of Calvary’s lawsuit against Bishop Duncan and other diocesan leaders.
PEP Offers Own Answers to Study Guide Questions June 5, 2007. PEP has submitted its own responses to the draft Anglican covenant Study Guide.
Tools Offered Episcopalians to Facilitate Feedback on Draft Anglican Covenant May 17, 2007. PEP announces the availability of two tools to help Episcopalians submit answers to the 14 questions asked in the church’s recent Study Guide.
PEP Founder Sue Boulden Dies March 29, 2007. Sue Boulden dies following open-heart surgery.
Katie Sherrod to Lead Province III Retreat March 29, 2007. Fort Worth communicator to lead Province III retreat, “Resurrection Moments,” on April 28 in Squirrel Hill.
Anglican Leaders Leave Many Questions Unanswered February 20, 2007. PEP reaction to Dar es Salaam primates’ meeting.
Diocese of Pittsburgh “Revised Appeal” Reveals Coup Plans Against Episcopal Church February 1, 2007. Diocese of Pittsburgh’s latest alternative primatial oversight plea exposes coup against church.
PEP President Sees Signs of Hope January 25, 2007. President Joan Gundersen reviews recent developments in which The Episcopal Church is doing a better job of defending its interests against those who would undermine it.
PEP Offers General Convention Summary July 3, 2006. PEP has prepared a summary of General Convention 2006 legislation.
AAC Challenged on Via Media Claims May 12, 2006. President Joan Gundersen writes a letter to American Anglican Council president David Anderson challenging AAC characterization of Via Media USA in its publication “Equipping the Saints: A Crisis Resource for Anglican Laity.”
Via Media USA Affirms Windsor Report Call for Reconciliation October 18, 2004. Press Release from Via Media USA.
Movement for Episcopal Unity and Moderation Grows September 20, 2004. Press Release from Via Media USA.
Episcopalians see hopeful signs amid loss of N.H. congregation, commend Albany and New Hampshire Bishops June 28, 2004. Press Release from Via Media USA.


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