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Progressive Episcopalians of Pittsburgh (PEP) is an organization of Episcopal laity and clergy in the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh.

PEP advocates for strong bonds with the wider Episcopal Church, for a diocesan community bound together in charity and grace, and for an inclusive and just church and society.



PEP Web Site
Undergoing Redesign

The first PEP Web site went live in 2003. Since that time, both the needs of PEP and of the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh have changed. So has Web technology. It is now much easier to post news items on Facebook than on our Web site. Our Web site may be useful for posting some information, but its main function in the future will be as an archive of documents and a repository for resources.

We intend to redesign this site, but a plan for doing so is still being developed. For now, the site is available on an as-is basis. For current PEP notices and news items, please see our Facebook page.

OUnder Construction



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Progressive Episcopalians of Pittsburgh
 2366 Golden Mile Highway, Box 204
Pittsburgh, PA 15239

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